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Evnex E2 Smart EV Charger (NZ Made)

Evnex E2 Smart EV Charger (NZ Made)

  • Made in New Zealand
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Is it compatible with my EV?

Evnex EV chargers are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands.

Please ensure the correct vehicle connection type is selected to work with your vehicle*

What's my connection type?

Want installation included?

Get a quote for an installed Evnex charger using one of our certified installers in your area.

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The Evnex E2 is an intelligent EV charger that combines NZ-made build quality with driver-centric features. 
As your EV charging assistant, the E2 utilises advanced digital tools and provides actionable insights to meet your everyday charging needs. These insights help to lower the environmental impact of your charging activities, reduce charging costs, and minimise strain on the local electricity grid.

What's included?

• Evnex E2 smart EV charger (7.4kW)

• 5m or 8m tethered charging cable

• Charging cable hook

 • Mobile control app (including access to all residential charging features)

• Solar export diversion features

• Home overload protection

 • 7-day local customer service, product updates, and ongoing support

• User manual 

• Installation manual (for use by professional electricians only)

• Installation mounting hardware (for use by professional electricians only)

What's not included

This purchase option DOES NOT include installation services for this EV charger which is required for it to function as advertised. You are responsible for organising a professional installation service for this product and ensuring the installer follows all the necessary installation instructions.

Want us to take care of the installation?  Get in touch with us directly for an E2 charger + installation quote using an Evnex-approved installer.

Email: | Phone: 1800 959 377

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